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Violin & Vocals

Recorded *live* on Monday, April 22 2019 in Brookyln, NY.
No edits, mixing, or mastering of audio was applied to this recording.

What Is Sonic Multiplicities?

SM is an interactive musical synthesis application and performance framework developed by composer, multi-instrumentalist, audio scientist, and DSP engineer Andrew Grathwohl. Its goal is to be seamless yet simple; hidden from plain sight, and yet so powerful it can provoke lasting, aesthetically-pleasing memories.

It implements, via a variety of deep-learning, neural network, and probability approaches, a complex and artificially-intelligent musical accompiament, which serves to multiply a musician's performance, rather than simply serving as a sideman or partner.

Inherent in SM's design is a human-like collection of intentional flaws in the logic system employed. This is what separates Grathwohl's music from most other noteworthy approaches in the musical AI space; it maintains the humanity that makes music both possible and enjoyable. Music is the highest form of communication ever implemented by humans - we cannot entrust it to mere computer calculations. Within all SM actions is the burdon if intent, which, if satisfied by the performer, enables from the performer further degrees of control over the SM system.


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